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Sam Q's Night Patrol - Love Spring Fountains NEW CD for 2017!


SAM Q  is a Jazz  Saxophonist and Composer specialising in the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and writing and performing original Bossa Nova.  This ‘Cappuccino Jazz’ album is a concept of Old School recording techniques consistent of ‘live takes’ and minimal multi tracking very much in the Rudy Van Gelder traditions. It is a reference to the tracks whereby he generally negates a standard drum kit in favour for hand Percussion  a welcome liberation from the ‘produced sound’ the quartet were  recorded without any separation.  He features  one of the works of Luiz Bonfa  a Brazilian Jazz Master  ‘Manha De Carnival’’  – alongside his own creations ‘Tommy/Tutzy’ and ‘Love Spring Fountains’ – A special appearance from legendary Master percussionist Gibi Dossantos   on 2 of the  tracks  endorses Sam Q’s  original compositions of Bossa Nova Music..
Perhaps another unusual feature about the album is that apart from the original versions of ‘Pickpocket’ ‘Samba of Love’  the remaining vocal tracks were recorded via file transfer between US and the UK…

Additional track is a remix of ‘Pickpocket’ (Song for Mariam)
   by Herb Middleton Grammy nominated producer of Mary J Bligh and Bobby Brown (RnB/Soul)
‘’Love Spring Fountains’’ is released in February 2017 as a celebration to the Olympic Games in Brazil..